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Evan Glodell

Evan Glodell

Dit jaar hebben de Frog Bros een record aan goeie films gezien, maar eentje dat ons echt wist te raken in hart, ziel en innerlijke fanboy, was ongetwijfeld het debuut van Evan Glodell, Bellflower. Een als koortsdroom verpakte love story, bloedend van energie en echte emotie. En met een fikse portie Mad Max. Evan zag in zijn drukke schema toch nog eventjes de kans om ons te woord te staan.

ME: When did you know that it would be possible to make Bellflower? How long did it take, from the first ideas, to shooting the whole thing? 
EG: The first ideas and first draft of the script were in late 2003. For years I was trying to find help and money to get the film made. Finally in late 2007 I realized it wasn't going to happen so I talked to all my friends and we decided to make it ourselves with no money. So from 2003 until when we delivered the final film a few months ago.
ME: The movie is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray. At this moment you travel around the world from festival to festival. Did you ever expect this kind of impact? 
EG: Never. We all dreamed of the movie just coming out anywhere so people could see it. No marketing, no theatrical. We thought we would be lucky just to have someone put it out. This year has been insane, I have been interviewed hundreds of times, I’ve been all over the world, all of this is stuff I had no idea was going to happen. We all just wanted to make a movie.
ME: You weren’t only the director of the movie, but also took on the role of one of the main characters. Both got positive reactions. Can you enjoy this kind of success? 
EG: It's great. The entire time we were shooting I thought I was ruining the movie with my performance, it was very hard. So seeing that people actually like it and think that I did a good job is really wonderful.
ME: Due to the adjustments to the camera that you made, the film received a rare and exceptional look. Something you decided in consultation with Joel Hodge(de cameraman)? 
EG: Always. Joel and I have been shooting everything together for years now. So there was a lot of talk with Joel and a couple of the other guys about whether we wanted to go through with shooting on the home-made cameras because of how difficult they are to use. But after shooting a couple scenes and doing comparisons we all decided we had to do it.
ME: All these creative things like the custom camera and gadgets on the cars, hide the fact that the film was developed and shot with a micro budget. Was the budget, or better, the lack of it, the reason that made you take the part of Woodrow? Or did you just think that this character and you were a perfect match?
EG: In my mind, it was an experiment. I was not very confident as an actor, but the character is based on me and the movie is very personal, so I hoped that something special would happen by putting myself in as the lead. 
ME: Are you a romantic soul? And was this an autobiographical movie? Because in essence at the heart lies a gripping love story. Can you tell me something more about how you came up with the idea? 
EG: It is very autobiographical in a way, the idea came to me after going through a very wonderful relationship and an extremely terrible breakup. 
ME: The movie is regarded as a cult film. Partly because of the badass Medusa car and the references to ‘Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior’. Nostalgia I suppose? And a real inspiration for your storyline? 
EG: Not an inspiration for the main story line, but obviously a heavy inspiration. My friends and I had a legitimate obsession with the Mad Max movies while growing up.
ME: You worked together with a young group, all with little movie experience. You are yourself a debutant? Was it hard to lead this people? 
EG: For almost everyone that worked on the project it was their first feature film. So it was very difficult and definitely a learning experience for all of us. But we all started making films together and have all grown together so I never felt any of us were lacking in experience. We were just all together in learning.
ME: I really liked Bellflower. Now I’m curious to see more of you. The next logical question is asking about your next projects after Bellflower? Are you experiencing any pressure to be as good or even better? 
EG: There is a little pressure, I wasn't expecting Bellflower to do as well as it did. I don't think it will change anything though. I know what my next project is and I’m excited about it, so it will either be better or worse than Bellflower. I hope it will be better.
ME: You’re a true independent guy. Would you even consider a Hollywood production? 
EG: I don't know. I am talking to a lot of people in Hollywood that are interested in helping make the next film. I am being very careful moving forward to make sure I don't end up on a giant set with 100's of crew members I don't know. Making movies is one of the things I enjoy most in life and I want it to be fun and do it with my friends. So I think I just have to be careful not to jump too big to soon.
ME: Will you be staying true to the genre or will you maybe do something else? 
EG: I still don't know what genre Bellflower is, but my next film will probably seem similar to many people. It has different themes though. It is not primarily about love and relationships.
ME: Recently you were present on the Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival in Bruges. Bellflower will always be linked to the 2011 edition to me. What was for you the highlight of this festival? And will we be seeing you back in Belgium any time soon? 
EG: The highlight of the festival was being there and spending time with the people who put on the festival and hanging out with the other filmmakers. I imagine I will be there again as soon as I finish my next film. The strong Belgium beer was good too!

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